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We help brand & businesses tell stories and engage audiences with measurable results.

What do we do?

Content Creation.

We help you to create creative content that can convey the right message to your audience for your brand, project, community, or business.

Optimized for the right platform

Design & Branding.

Beautifully designed material & international branding with continuity, meaning, and purpose are essential for tying a brand together from a graphical perspective.

Photo & Video Pro.

We help your brand to tell stories to communicate more effectively and efficiently to your audience.

Our Process.

Discovery Chat

First, we will chat with you and your team to discover your needs and wants for your exciting project(s).

Package Proposal

After we conclude our discovery chat with you and your team, our team will design a beautiful custom proposal graphic with deliverables and pricing for you and your team to review.

Schedule Day(s)

Once your team accepts our proposal, we will schedule a content day, or days, for your project(s). If we are doing design work for you, then we will begin your project asap!

We Work Our Magic

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! We will then capture all the necessary content for your project.

Open Your Presents

You and your team will get all your beautiful deliverables. Now your brand, company, or project has content that works.


How do I get started?

Every great video starts with a comprehensive strategy. We start with a discovery call to see if we can even help you based on what you’re currently doing in your marketing. If we’ve identified any gaps, we’ll invite you to talk further during an in-depth strategy call. You’ll leave this call with an actionable plan on how to fill those gaps and a clear next step to work with us.

Why should I choose you?

We want to be the right fit for you. Although we didn’t always get the best grades in high school chemistry, we understand it and we know that it’s important in business as well. We’re not the right fit for everyone — and that’s okay. At the end of the day, we want you to be successful and accomplish your goals. If we can help, we want to!

What does it cost to make a quick video?

The truth is, in production there are no quick videos. Even for a 15-second video, we may need to factor in some or all of the following as part of our process:

  • Script writing
  • Set-up
  • Filming
  • Voiceover work
  • Keywording footage
  • Color-correction
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Project management

Every video project is different, but for most of them it typically takes us 3x longer behind the scenes to produce your video than the actual part of the process that you see.

How do I measure marketing ROI?

The first step in measuring your return on investment (ROI) is to have the roots in place to track your growth against your marketing tactics. For example, we can’t know how many customers that came to your website from Facebook ads resulted in sales if your website is not set up to track that information. Once you have the right tools in place, you can compare the amount of money you spend on a particular campaign with the amount of revenue generated to see if it was profitable and to see if a particular tactic is worthwhile.

How quickly will I see return on my investment?

This depends entirely on your business, your goals, your investment and the campaign. No project is alike, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer until we have more information.

What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

A logo is a graphic element that you use to identify your business. A logo uses a combination of typography, colors and icons. While the logo may feel like a large part of your identity, it’s just a small piece of your brand.


A brand is a combination of all tangible and intangible aspects that represent your organization. Without the brand, the logo would just be a graphic element, but the brand brings that logo to life by building the look and feel of your business around it. A brand consists of marketing materials, company tone, social media posts, videos, etc. — all combined to give your customers a true feel for your business.

What if my business is not in your location, can you still assist my company?

Yes! We have clients across the country. The majority of what we do is done on a digital platform, so we are able to provide the same services remotely as we would in-person.

What is your average turnaround time for a video project?

Every project is different, but we typically deliver an initial edit for your review within 1-4 weeks of filming. If your project is simple and straightforward, we’ll finish it closer to the 2-week mark. If it has a lot of graphics, custom music, and/or must go through a committee for approval, it will take longer. Our schedule is also a factor. Once a proposal is accepted, we use software to determine our availability and reserve adequate time for filming and editing in order to meet your deadline.

Can we have the raw video files from our project?

Though you will own rights to the final produced content, Capstura does not provide raw footage.

Our cameras generate files in a codec and a color gamut that have specific hardware requirements for playback. Each clip must then also undergo a specialized workflow of processing and color correction – a proprietary method we’ve spent years developing and fine-tuning.


Additionally, these raw files may have imperfections that do not accurately represent the attention to detail that defines our brand. During filming, we continuously make judgment calls about what can be “fixed in post.” It could be a shaky hand, an unflattering shadow, or the hum of an old air conditioner.


Our raw footage is meant to be edited, and the editorial decisions we make – on-set and in-post – are central to our productions. By providing the source material, we would be giving up control over how our work is represented.

If you have questions or ideas about how to utilize existing assets in creating new pieces of content, we’re happy to talk more!

Can we have the project files?

In short, no.


A large part of what sets Capstura Studio apart is our post-production workflow. We have a unique and proprietary method of editing that we try to keep “behind the curtain.”


In addition, nearly all of the effects and corrections are made with various third-party software and plugins. Many of these were actually designed and developed in-house, and are not available anywhere else. Opening our project files would require the purchase of thousands of dollars in software, and the removal of our proprietary effects and corrections would do away with the polished look our productions are known for. As the client, you will own the rights to final produced video.


If you are working with us on a graphic design project, we will provide you with both web and print PDF versions of your final file once approved, unless it is a logo development project and then you will receive many different file formats for your use.

I have a tight deadline…how fast can Capstura make me a video?

We can create high-quality production in just eight days.


Need it faster? Contact us for more details. Because we have quality and speed. Everything adjusts from the budget that you submit.

Have more questions? Reach out to us  [email protected]

Have a new project?

We ready to help you.

You have a new project?

We ready to help you.