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Maika Motion Week

An invitation motion graphic project to showcase the best works of motion artists.



“Maika Motion Week” was a successful invitation motion graphic project that showcased the best works of motion artists. The project was originally a test interview invitation from Maika that was given to me to join their agency, and now it serves as a part of our agency portfolio.



The Film Detail of How I Brought ‘Driven Mastermind’ to Life


Maika Collective


09 November 2021


30 seconds


Full HD (1920 x 1080)


Story Writer

Maika Team

Graphic Designer

Shandya Fajar

Motion Artist

Shandya Fajar

Offline Editor

Shandya Fajar


Maika Collective

the Goals

The primary goal of this project was to create an invitation motion graphic video that would showcase the best works of motion artists and attract them to participate in the “Maika Motion Week.” Additionally, this project aimed to showcase our agency’s capabilities and creativity in the field of motion graphics.

The Approach

As a solo artist, my approach was to create a visually stunning invitation motion graphic video by prioritizing key elements such as effective transitions, sound design, color grading, and stylish framing. The video was designed to capture the attention of potential participants and highlight our agency’s expertise in motion graphics.

the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges I faced with this project was creating a video that would effectively communicate the purpose of the “Maika Motion Week” and encourage motion artists to participate. Additionally, as a solo artist, I had to manage multiple tasks, from concept development to the final edit, to ensure the success of the project.


How I Turned a Creative Vision into a Stunning Film


Brainstorming and ideation to come up with the initial concept for the film, including storyboarding and creating style frames.


Writing the script, including dialogue and action, as well as making revisions and getting feedback.


The storyboard is a visual representation of the script to describe each scene and design that you want to appear in the video later.

Design and Animation

This is where the visual elements are created, and the animation is developed based on the storyboard.

Sound Design & Editing

This stage involves adding SFX and music and editing the footage to achieve a cohesive and impactful final product.


The final video is exported in the desired format and sent to the client or to the client’s desired platform.


Exploring different angles and perspectives to come up with a unique and engaging concept.



Style Frame

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